December is creeping up on us again. Now you’re wondering how to make this Christmas a bit more magical and bright for your kids, right?

Why not skip some of the shopping and help your kids create some personalized gifts? Something beyond a generic “World’s Greatest Grandma” mug.

Although, let’s be honest. That’s Grandma’s most treasured mug, right?

Regardless, it might be time to level-up her grandma gifts. Not to mention any children’s pastors, friends, relatives, etc.

But don’t worry, I’ve gathered up a list of Christmas gifts kids can make to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Key Takeaways:


    • Engaging and meaningful Christmas gift projects that your kids can create

    • Simple ways to blend crafty adventures into your holidays

    • Creative, budget-friendly tips to ensure activities are light on the wallet

Acknowledge the Magic of Homemade Gifts

When our kids create gifts with their own hands, they’re not just crafting something unique; they’re weaving a piece of their heart into each creation.

1. Build an Emotional Connection

A handcrafted gift shows the effort and thought put into it. It’s a personal expression of love and care, often making it more cherished than a quickly bought store-bought item.

Most of the time, the kids are going with us and choosing something that they haven’t had a chance to invest themselves in emotionally.

2. Include Learning and Creativity in the Holidays

As your kids engage in making these gifts, they’re not just being crafty. They’re learning about planning, problem-solving, and creativity.

Each project becomes a mini-lesson in art and emotional intelligence.

3. Teach the Spirit of Giving

Crafting gifts is a wonderful way to teach children about the joy of giving. It shows them that the value of a gift lies not in its price tag, but in the time and love invested in it.

When they spend their energy on something they aren’t keeping, it brings the spirit of giving home in a whole new way!

4. Foster a Sense of Contribution

Gifts made from children’s art helps them understand their own value in the holiday season.

Instead of just being receivers, they become active contributors, experiencing the pride and joy of giving something they’ve made.

This fosters self-esteem and a sense of responsibility, showing them the impact of their efforts on others’ happiness.

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20 Gifts Kids Can Make

Let’s dive into some creative and educational Christmas gift projects.

1. Handmade Christmas Cards

Guide your kids through folding cardstock, decorating with markers, glitter, or even fabric scraps. Younger kids can finger paint, while older ones can try collage techniques. Try this list of 50 Homemade Cards to find one you love.

2. Customized Ornaments

Use air-dry clay, popsicle sticks, or recycled materials to shape ornaments. Paint and decorate once dry. Find one in this list of 50 ornament ideas that represents your kiddos current interests to create a timeline on grandparents trees.

3. DIY Picture Frames

Construct frames from popsicle sticks or cardboard. Decorate with beads, yarn, or natural elements like pine cones. Add some of their artwork for a wall-worthy keepsake. Check out this list for inspiration.

4. Festive Bookmarks

Are you giving books to little cousins or friends? Why not have them add some cute bookmarks from sturdy cardstock. Decorate with festive stamps, stickers, or drawings. Red Ted Art is an amazing resource for creative bookmark ideas.

5. Air-Dry Clay Dishes and Pots

We LOVE Hey Clay sets. Bur really, anything made with clay is a win for little hands. Try molding air-dry clay into small dishes or pots. Decorate with paints, stamps, or carved designs. Use the Faber Castell Pottery Wheel to level up your clay time.

6. Hand-Crafted Puppets

Create puppets using socks, felt, and other craft materials. This is the perfect gift for siblings or other young friends. We use this tutorial and fuzzy socks to give our sock puppets more character.

7. Nature-Inspired Wind Chimes

Collect materials from nature walks, such as twigs, shells, and pinecones, to create unique wind chimes. This project guide will help you get started.

8. Homemade Coloring Book

Have your artistic kids create outlines and then gift a custom-made coloring book to a friend. My daughter’s BFF moved to Alaska, so this is a great chance for them to connect over something they used to enjoy doing together.

9. Custom Golf Towels

Have your child create a special design or artwork, which can then be printed on a golf towel if you have any uncles in the family that are golf fanatics. When we did this project, I took an image of my daughter’s writing to add to the towel as well. We ordered ours from Zazzle.

10. Decorative Plant Pots

Using terracotta pots or other creative containers, kids can paint or decorate them with various materials. Head to the store and choose a packet of herb seeds to gift an entire kit.

11. Handcrafted Storybooks

Encourage your older kids to write and illustrate their own storybooks. We really like the simplicity and affordability of printing them through the Trade Books option at Blurb.

12. Personalized Calendars

Instead of using family photos, let your kid’s pick out 12 of their favorite pieces of artwork and create a wall calendar. Ask them to try and match the season to the art they’re choosing for a personal and practical gift.

13. Handmade Jewelry or Beadwork

Crafting simple jewelry or beadwork allows kids to explore patterns, color combinations, and basic jewelry-making techniques. Get some ideas from this list of 10 projects for different ages and abilities.

14. DIY Birdhouses or Feeders

Building birdhouses or feeders from wood or recycled materials can be a fun and educational project for the nature lover’s on your list. Choose from this massive list of 30 different birdfeeder projects.

15. Hand-Painted Library Bags

Using fabric paints, children can design a library bag for anyone passionate about reading. Try this easy sewing pattern for your older kids.

16. Personalized Fabric Creations

Do you have a grandma that loves to sew? We do! And the biggest hit of the year one Christmas was custom fabric made out of my 6-year-old’s art work. Upload their art to Spoonflower to get started.

17. Handmade Recipe Books

Encourage your children to compile a recipe book for a favorite meal. Maybe a drink, main course, and dessert is enough. Along with the recipes, they can add coupons for doing the dishes or playing a game of cards after.

18. Homemade Spice Mixes

Kids can help create and package homemade spice mixes, perfect for gifting to family members who love to cook. They can mix spices for specific dishes or cuisines.

19. Personalized Cooking Aprons

Decorating a plain cooking apron with fabric paints or markers is a fun and functional project. Children can create designs that reflect the personality of the family member who will receive it.

20. Advent Calendars

Why not ask your kids to help you create an advent calendar for others? Snag some ideas from this list and then gather the supplies for another family.

Help Your Kids Create the Magic This Christmas Season

Your kids have a wonderful opportunity to express their creativity, learn new skills, and understand the deeper value of giving.

Have an art-loving kiddo? Why not explore more ways to integrate art and creativity into your everyday homeschooling routine?

Enjoy a free art lesson with your kids this holiday season!

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