• Organize Your Home in 8 Easy Steps

    8 Easy Tips to Organize Your Home - Teal background under the number 8 with flowers.

    Close your eyes and imagine, for a moment, a life where everything has its place. You can always find what you need when you need it.

    Keep that vision in mind, then grab your bins and baskets! Let’s create some super simple habits that help everything stay organized.


  • Master Your To-Do List: Mom Organization Tips Series

    Planner with flower cover - Master to-do list Mom Organization Tips

    We’re back with our Organization Tips for Mom Series. There are never enough hours in the day, right? As a homeschooling mom, disorganization and chaos seem to follow you around. You’d love a better routine but are unsure where to start. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s actually easier than you think if you […]


  • Create a Calm Homeschool Life: 10 Organization Tips for Moms

    10 Organization Tips for Moms - spunkandtenacity.com

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by your life and the endless list of to-dos? Welcome to our Organization Tips for Moms Mini-Series! Part of our larger focus on reclaiming motherhood – finding routine ways to create wellness and routines with all of the responsibilities we’re juggling as homeschool moms. Could you benefit from a less overwhelming […]


  • Chemistry Adventure Awaits! 10 Science Picture Books for Kids

    Are you seeking ways to make your elementary chemistry studies more engaging and fun? Maybe you’re designing a personalized homeschool curriculum. If so, then you’ll love these ten science picture books! Each of them does an excellent job of bringing chemistry to life, making it a topic kids will enjoy learning about. *Please note I […]


  • 104 Resources to Bring Your Alaska Unit Study to Life

    Whale in front of ferry with title overlay "the list of 104 Resources for Your Alaska unit study."

    Are you looking for a way to bring your Alaska studies to life? Are you eager to explore the state’s history, wildlife, culture, and more with your homeschoolers? Then you have come to the right place—we have compiled a fantastic list of 104 Alaska Unit Study resources to bring your 50 States Studies to life! […]


  • Sweet Easter Bunny Drawing for Kids

    Easter Bunny Drawing

    Have you discovered Emma Randall yet? She is one of our favorite children’s illustrators. For our Spring Bundle, we wanted a sweet Easter Bunny drawing. So, like most of our homeschooling life, when we need inspiration, we look in a book. (Super Why anyone?) Finding Easter Bunny Drawing Illustrations Randall captures the essence of spring […]


  • 35 Engaging Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids

    35 Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids - spunkandtenacity.com

    If you’re homeschooling an elementary student, you know that inspiring a love of writing in our kiddos can be challenging. ***Don’t forget to click below to download or save this post for later*** But it’s also an essential skill to begin developing early, and it’s definitely something your child can enjoy! With a bit of […]


  • We Are Water Protectors Art Project

    When it comes to environmental protection and conservation, children play an essential role in our future. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read We Are Water Protectors with your kids, I highly recommend you take the time. It’s a gorgeously illustrated book offering an engaging introduction to environmental concepts. We Are the Water Protectors […]


  • Exploring Alaska Wildlife From Home for Your Unit Study

    Image of wolf with title overlay "Explore Alaska Wildlife" - spunkandtenacity.com

    In our homeschool, studying the fantastic Alaska wildlife was an essential part of our Unit Study. It’s an easy way to bring diverse ecosystems to life for your little learners. Kids can explore different habitats, observe how animals interact with each other, and understand the importance of conservation. And, as a parent with multiple ages […]