arctic figurines on bright salt - under title overlay that says "How to make glow in the dark salt."

Do you want to create a fun and exciting sensory bin or phonics play activity to keep your kids entertained for hours?

Why not try glow in the dark salt to light up their phonics matching and imaginary play? This effortless project takes only a few minutes to come together.

And you never know. Your older students might be inspired too. Who can resist something that glows in the dark?

You only need some Epsom salt, glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, and a bowl or container to put it in. Below, we’ll show you how to make this fantastic and adaptable sensory material!

*Note – This uses acrylic paint. It’s not non-toxic. If you have kiddos who still put things in their mouths, you should choose a different filler.

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2 Ingredient Glow in the Dark Salt

This is possibly the most manageable craft activity you’ll ever do. Simply mix 2 ingredients—wait 1 hour—and be done—bright, fun glow in the dark salt for your kiddo.

The only ingredients that you need are Epsom Salt and glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint.

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Neon colored glow in the dark salt with title overlay "How to Make Glow in the Dark"

Adapt to Unit Studies

Because we were using this as a sensory bin filler for our Marie Curie Unit Study, we chose glow-in-the-dark paint.

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll be excited to do something creative that can be adapted to different unit studies.

My second grader was so excited to help bring our Alaska Unit Study to life.

She chose the glow in the dark salt again, making us feel like we were experiencing the Northern Lights together!

***Find the entire list of 104 Alaska Unit Study Resources here!

Glow in the dark salt with arctic animals for Alaska Unit Study

Fun in the Sun Too

When taken into a darker place, oohs and ahhs filled the room—even though most of the playing happened in our well-lit classroom.

There are lots of colors available if you pop by Walmart, too – enough to make your own rainbow masterpiece!

They do have a set of six colors, but we wanted a bright rainbow and chose five colors independently.

Also, the paint isn’t crazy expensive, but it’s a little too steep for my homeschool budget if it’s only a one-off project.

So we chose colors we will repeatedly use in our art projects rather than those that supported the individual projects better.

We like to color outside the lines and use non-traditional colors with our art (one of the reasons Ted Harrison is a favorite of ours), so these bright colors fit perfectly!

The Glow-in-the-Dark Salt Recipe

Epsom salt and glow in the dark acrylic paint bottles with pictures of glow-in-the-dark salt

For your glow in the dark salt, simply mix one Tbsp of paint for each cup of Epsom Salt in a Ziploc baggie. And then smoosh them around until they are fully integrated.

Then you’ll open your baggie to allow them to dry out for about an hour. After your hour is complete, dump them in your bin, and away you go.

Repeat for each color. It’s seriously that easy. Once they’re dry, dump them in the tray in lines that keep them separated at first.

They will mix as they get used, but at least you know it’s being enjoyed!

Sensory Bin Learning Ideas

glow in the dark salt over traceable alphabet sheets

Looking for an exciting, educational way to engage your kiddo?

Try creating a sensory bin where they get to use their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities!

Put some fun filler in the bottom of a clear container (we love using the lids from foil grilling pans for inexpensive options) with an alphabet sheet underneath.

Not only do you see learning moments happen before your eyes—but you can turn that sand into a diorama with themed figurines. What’s not to love?

Quick and Easy Sensory Bin Ideas

From goopy Sloopy Slimy Sand to feathers and noodles, the possibilities are endless for filling your sensory bin!

Whether you opt for Pom-Poms or Easter grass, engaging alternatives will get creative juices flowing and imagination soaring.

So dive in—this could be a fun way of exploring new textures with your little ones today!

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Neon colored glow in the dark salt with title overlay "How to Make Glow in the Dark"

Take Your Unit Studies Further

Looking for more unit study ideas? Visit the following articles for inspiration.

Turning it over to you – What are your favorite sensory bin fillers for your elementary-aged kiddos? Do you use phonics bins? Share some ideas below.

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