2024 Art Units

Get excited for upcoming units! Explore the themes below. 

Units launch the 1st of each month.

Dazzling Dinosaurs

Dive into watercolor techniques and color theory as we head back to prehistoric times. 

Arctic Animals Art Unit for Elementary Students

Arctic Animals

Explore implied texture as we visit the far North in our Arctic Animals unit.

Children's Garden Art Unit

Secret Garden

Students explore the idea of balance as we embrace the joy of Spring.


Let’s create the concept of movement in our artwork as we wander through the jungle.

Soar Into Space

Explore form as we create straw rockets, create stamped planets, and paint a fiery rocket ship.

Colorful kids art with hot air balloon and countryside

Country Meadow

Summer’s here as we wander through a charming meadow and soar high above the clouds in our hot air balloon.


Dive under the coral reef as you explore the wonders under the sea.

Beach Party

Let’s take a long summer trip to the beach before we head back to school. 


Let’s take to the sea as we learn about proportion and our little crustacean friends.

*While this is the planned line-up, circumstances outside of our control can affect the unit theme. We reserve the right to substitute lessons as needed.

Current Units

Autumn on Main

Fall art projects are here! Stroll down an Autumn Main Street with us. 

Kid's Online Art Lessons - Camping Themed Unit

Creative Campers

Head out into the woods for a fall camping adventure.

Winter Wonderland

  • Bring winter art to life. Choose holiday options or create simple winter-time magic.

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