Hey There!

I'm Kim!

I’m passionate about helping kids discover a love for art and reading.

I’m a recovering line-dancer, world traveler, occasional fountain-swimmer, and Thai-food addict.

Nowadays I spend my time encouraging a tiny human to jump in puddles, wear sunscreen, and eat more than chicken nuggets.

I teach fun and engaging online art classes for elementary students. Most often, they include a story, possibly glitter, and some art education cleverly hidden within the lesson.

Nice to meet you!


About Kim - Spunk and Tenacity - Headshot with picture book

Would you love to bring more art into your homeschool?

Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed at the idea of adding another subject? Budget's tight?

I’ve always been passionate about art and keeping education hands-on and engaging

With a background in photography, I’m a self-taught children’s artist. Once I finished up my Bachelor’s degree I set forth to do what I loved most. Enrich my daughter’s world with engaging art and literature. 

Along the way, I hope to empower other homeschool moms to connect with their kiddos and believe in themselves!

When my homeschooling mom friends expressed their frustration trying to find easy and affordable art experiences, the idea for this site was born.

So many parents are overwhelmed by the choices and simply longing to create joyful educational interactions. 

Fall Art Lessons for Kids

Are you looking for more?

Are you wanting more for your kiddo than worksheets that don’t engage? Looking for fun and easy art projects? I’ve got your back.


Years of experience homeschooling


years in corporate leadership


places glitter has exploded in my house


hours in the day
— You can own them

At Spunk & Tenacity

We love science!

 I wish I had someone around to tell me, as a kid, that science can, and should, be simple and fun.

We love art!

I saw so many parents overwhelmed by the choices and looking to create art with their kids, but not knowing how or why. I researched the choices out there and found none of them met my needs.

We value books!

We’re on a first name basis with the librarians! #lifegoals

One of the biggest lies out there~

To be successful you have to be this magical Pinterest mom who manages to create fun, messy, and engaging interactions while your kiddo snacks on vegan energy bars that you made with a baby on your hip.

Somehow you’ve managed to work out, shower, clean the house, and you’ve taken your children out for a nature poetry walk all before 11 a.m.


A Love of Learning!

I empower homeschool moms with the hope that you create alongside your kids.

Grow a love of learning and the rest will fall into place!

Try out a free lesson and discover an easier way to bring art into your home.

Art for Art's Sake!

This is not your Aunt’s Art Club. But it’s more than arts and crafts too. It’s the perfect balance of books, fun, themes, and art technique. Your kid’s are going to LOVE it…and so are you!

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