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Hello! Welcome to our Arctic adventure! We’re embarking on our Arctic-themed art lessons Feb 2024. I’m particularly excited to share a selection of books that are as fascinating as the Arctic itself.

If you’ve spent any time with me, you know that I love picture books and am a firm believer that they add value to our kid’s long after they learn to read. Which is why you’ll find that the majority of our art lessons include picture book recommendations and read-aloud time.

These Arctic Unit Study Books are the foundation of our art investigations, bringing to life the icy landscapes, intriguing wildlife, and the enchanting Northern Lights in a way that will captivate both you and your children.

Each book we’ve chosen is a window into the wonders of the Arctic, perfectly complementing our art projects and sparking curiosity and creativity.

From the dance of the Northern Lights to the cozy huddle of polar bears, these stories will enrich your children’s understanding of this remote world and bring incredibly talented illustrators into their world.

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The Arctic Unit Study Books

Explore these captivating books that are the foundation of our Arctic Unit Study adventure.

1. The Lights That Dance in the Night written and Illustrated by Yuval Zommer

Don’t you just love how much your littles can learn by reading a Yuval Zommer book? This magical books gently introduces the science behind the northern lights.

The Arctic isn’t just about icy landscapes and polar animals; it’s about capturing the region’s magic. “The Lights That Dance in the Night” by Yuval Zommer perfectly starts our journey.

This book, with its stunning illustrations and poetic narrative, is the perfect introduction to a Northern Lights art project.

This book also sparks discussions about the science behind the Northern Lights. You can integrate geography and physics in an engaging way.

It’s a comprehensive approach, offering the opportunity to make the Arctic come alive. Interest-led learning for the win!

Incidentally, if you love Yuval Zommer, you’re going to love our Bugs and Blooms art unit.

2. The Lonely Polar Bear Written and Illustrated by Khoa Le

The Arctic Unit Study Books List continues with “The Lonely Polar Bear,” a sweet story introducing the challenges faced by wildlife in the Arctic.

This beautifully illustrated book takes your student on a journey alongside a polar bear cub. Explore themes of friendship and the environment.

Delicate illustrations offer a wonderful opportunity for art lessons capturing the texture of the polar bear’s fur and the vast, snowy landscapes of its habitat.

Isn’t it incredible how a simple story can open up a world of learning?

If you choose, the book naturally leads to discussions about polar bears and global warming for kids. It encourages a blend of art, environmental science, and empathy, enriching the learning experience.

Gentle messaging inspires care for our planet.

3. Polar Bear Island Illustrated by Cinta Villalobos

Polar Beary Island

Next up on our Arctic Unit Study Books list is “Polar Bear Island” illustrated by Cinta Villalobos. Take a light-hearted visit to a whimsical place where unexpected friendships bloom amidst icy backdrops.

In “Polar Bear Island,” we dive into a story that’s all about inclusivity and adaptability, themes that resonate deeply in today’s world. The vivid illustrations capture the beauty and the warmth of new friendships.

Choose to simply enjoy the story, or talk about the importance of embracing differences and welcoming new friends. It’s a story that can spark important conversations and opens hearts.

4. An Arctic Story, Illustrated by Kendra Binney

An Arctic Story

I could spend an entire unit exploring the wonder of An Arctic Story. It offers a canvas rich with the diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes of the Arctic. So many arctic art ideas floating around in my head! Arctic fox art projects anyone?

An Arctic Story highlights firsthand how you can weave science and art together in a way that makes it irresistible for young learners.

As you read, you’ll uncover the survival strategies of Arctic animals and the subtle yet profound changes occurring in this fragile ecosystem throughout the year.

This book not only rounds off our Arctic Unit Study Books list beautifully, but also leaves us with a deeper appreciation for one of the world’s most extraordinary regions.

Honorable Mention: Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Illustrated by Eric Carle

Polar Bear Polar Bear

While exploring the Arctic Unit Study, it’s impossible not to give a special shoutout to “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” illustrated by the beloved children’s artist Eric Carle.

A favorite in our own collection library, this book is a delightful exploration of animal sounds to include younger siblings. It’s an easy way to offer a painted paper art project or similar learning experience that can help your preschoolers feel included.

Discover More Arctic Unit Study Books

If you’re eager to dive deeper into an Arctic Unit theme, I’ve got just the thing.

Explore a full list of our favorite Arctic Unit-themed books, and you can find it all on

We love because it combines the convenience of online shopping with the joy of supporting independent bookstores. Bookstores and libraries are passions of ours here in our home.

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Who doesn’t love books?

Here’s something to add a little extra thrill to your Arctic exploration: an exclusive giveaway!

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Explore An Arctic Unit Study Through Literature and Art

Whether you’re part of our art-loving family or a parent considering enriching your child’s learning experience, these Arctic Unit Study books are worthy additions to your read-aloud time.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore our art lessons yet, come take a tour. Discover online art lessons that nurture fearless artists. They’ll learn to explore and experiment with art, understanding that mistakes are just part of the creative process.

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