Ah, Autumn!

When leaves turn to a vibrant palette and our kiddos’ curiosity peaks amid the rustling foliage.

But this season isn’t just for pumpkin-spiced treats and leaf pile jumps—it’s prime time for fall activities, pumpkin recipes, and autumn crafts for kids.

Homeschool mamas, get ready. We’re blending fun with learning to make this fall both unforgettable and educational.

Choose one or a few of these crafts for younger siblings. Start crafting your Christmas gifts or everyday gifts made from children’s art. Or enhance our fall art lessons for kids: Autumn on Main Street Art Unit.

Dive in with us! 🍁🎃📚

20 Autumn Crafts for Kids

Autumn whispers creativity with every rustling leaf. Ready to channel that inspiration? Roll up those sleeves and let’s dive into these hands-on, autumn-themed crafts!

1. Autumn Lanterns

  • Take a mason jar and clean it thoroughly.
  • Paste translucent autumn leaves on the outside.
  • Insert a candle or small LED light inside.
  • Enjoy the cozy glow, perfect for early autumn evenings or spooky Halloween vibes.

Or, try out these fun autumn-themed crafts for kids from around the web:

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2. Autumn Pumpkin Pom Pom Craft

Heathered Nest offers super sweet fall pumpkin craft ideas. This one is quick and charming, done in about 20 minutes.

Combining real or faux pumpkins with vibrant pom poms for an over-the-top cute Halloween décor.

Easy to assemble with just a hot glue gun, it’s a speedy, delightful project to brighten your space and captivate the kiddos!

Fall Crafts for Kids - Pom Pom Pumpkin Crafts
Image Credit: The Heathered Nest

3. Cute Clay Pot Pumpkin Pie Craft

The frugal homeschooling mom in me loves Dollar Tree craft ideas for fall. Don’t you?

Rediscovered Families has an affordable craft to add your list of fall clay pot crafts.

Transform Dollar Store clay pots into adorable pumpkin pies with just a splash of paint and wiggly eyes.

It’s a delightful, quick project, ensuring kids are engaged and entertained while crafting cute autumn décor!

Children's Fall Art Unit - Clay Pot Pumpkins
Image Credit: Rediscovered Families

4. DIY Leaf Puppets

Rediscovered Families has tons of autumn activities for kids, including these delightful fall popsicle stick crafts.

Easy to create, these puppets not only inspire artistic expression but also open doors to imaginative storytelling.

Gather your supplies and let the kids bring these cheeky characters to life in a playful adventure!

5. Easy Bear Craft for Kids

Looking for fall printable crafts? Look no further.

Simple Everyday Mom brings an effortlessly fun bear craft to life, perfect for kids familiar with “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.”

Utilize the free template for an easy crafting experience. It’s an engaging way to connect literature and creativity, and ideal for helping younger siblings feel included.

Fall Art Unit for Kids - Easy Bear Craft
Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

6. Fall Fairy Paper Craft

Dive into sweet autumn crafts for kids with this charming Fall Fairy Paper Craft.

With a step-by-step guide and a free printable template, In the Playroom makes it a breeze for children of all ages to create their enchanting fairy using everyday craft materials.

A delightful mix of ease and creativity!

Fall Art Unit for Kids - Fall Fairy Craft
Image Credit: In the Playroom

7. Fall Leaf Butterflies

Unleash creativity with Living Life and Learning’s Fall leaf crafts for kids.

These are some of the easiest autumn activities for kids, but those are often the favorite. Kids transform autumn leaves and other natural treasures collected during a nature walk into beautiful butterflies.

11. Fall Pom Pom Tree Craft

Engage your children in Living Life and Learning‘s fast and fun Fall Tree Craft With Pom Poms.

A delightful combo of painting and pom-pom fun helps kids refine their art skills. The result is a charming fall handprint tree. Ready to be proudly displayed on Grandma’s wall!

Pom Pom Tree Craft - Fall Art Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Living Life and Learning

9. Handprint Scarecrow Craft

Celebrate autumn with Simple Everyday Mom’s Scarecrow Handprint Craft, a great addition to your fall scarecrow crafts.

Easy, requiring minimal supplies, kids of all ages can join in.

Besides adding a handmade touch to autumn décor, this craft enhances hand-eye coordination and scissor skills, blending festive fun with developmental benefits.

10. Hedgehog Bookmarks

Embrace the cozy fall reading sessions with Red Ted Art’s Hedgehog Corner Bookmark DIY.

This easy craft transforms ordinary materials into adorable hedgehog bookmarks. Perfect autumn crafts for kids.

Children will enjoy not just making, but using these cute creations, making each reading moment extra special and whimsical.

Kids Fall Craft Activities - Hedgehog Bookmarks
Image Credit: Red Ted Art

11. Leaf Rubbing Art

  • Venture outdoors and gather leaves of various shapes and sizes.
  • At home, place a leaf under a sheet of paper.
  • Rub a crayon over the paper, revealing the leaf’s intricate pattern.
  • Display and discuss the different trees each leaf originates from. Art plus education!

Or, use this painted pressed leaves. Although not specificall autumn activities for kids, the ladies over at Sustain my Craft Habit are a favorite place for me to grab inspiration.

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids - Painted Pressed Leaves
Image Credit: Sustain my Craft Habit

12. Leaf Wreath

These free fall crafts are an excellent addition to our fall art lesson for kids.

Mama of Minis combines nature exploration and artistry in the Fall Leaf Wreath craft.

Kids embark on a leaf scavenger hunt, collecting diverse, colorful leaves to assemble into a vibrant wreath.

It’s not just a craft but an interactive experience, making learning about fall an artistic and outdoor adventure for all ages.

Fall Crafts for Kids - Leaf Wreath
Image Credit: Mama of Minis

13. Origami Maple Leaves

Mombrite invites families to create more advanced autumn activities for kids with an easy yet skill-enhancing origami maple leaf craft.

Ideal for kids and adults, this activity promotes fine motor skills and focus. Not to mention, this fall leaves craft will last longer than traditional leaf crafts.

Create stunning leaves for seasonal decorations or Thanksgiving party favors, and enjoy a creative moment celebrating the beauty of fall together!

Fall Crafts for Kids - Origami Maple Leafs
Image Credit: Mombrite

14. Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft

Simple Everyday Mom’s Paper Plate Fall Crafts area delightful, easy creations for little hands.

Ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners, it offers a creative outlet while older siblings are finishing up schoolwork.

The free fall craft templates ensure an effortless crafting experience, sparking kids’ imagination as they welcome autumn with their personalized scarecrows!

Fall Crafts for Kids - Paper Plate Scarecrow
Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

15. Pine Cone Critters

  • Gather pine cones from your yard or a nearby park.
  • Using craft supplies like googly eyes, felt, and pompoms, transform the pine cones into critters.
  • From classic critters like squirrels to imaginative ones like mermaids, let creativity reign

16. Pre-K Squirrel Craft

Simply Full of Delight offers a charming squirrel craft perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Using a free fall craft printable and basic craft supplies, kids can hone their scissor and coloring skills.

Autumn crafts for kids connect creative fun with learning about seasonal changes and wildlife.

Fall Crafts for Kids - Squirrel Craft
Image Credit: Simply full of Delight

17. Rock Painting: Pumpkins

Older elementary students will love the creative freedom in Sustain My Craft Habit’s Painted Rock Pumpkins.

With only three paint colors, kids transform stones into colorful, watercolor-inspired pumpkins.

Encourage their artistic expression and let them feel proud when their finished creations are showcased in the family’s fall decor.

18. Torn Paper Pumpkin Craft

Little Laddoo presents the Torn Pumpkin Craft, hands-on, easy autumn activities for kids that helps little ones enhance their fine motor skills.

Adaptable for various fall, Thanksgiving, or India-themed activities, kids will relish creating their unique pumpkins.

Autumn Activities for Kids: Torn paper pumpkin

19. Wooden Egg Preschool Crafts for Fall

Inspiration Edit’s Fall Wooden Eggs are a delightful craft for preschoolers and young students.

Your young artists can transform painted eggs into charming autumn or woodland creatures, cultivating creativity and dexterity.

Great for homeschool settings, kids can create a captivating scene, making learning visually engaging and hands-on, while celebrating the fall season.

20. Yarn Pumpkins

Mombrite’s DIY Yarn Pumpkins offer a more in-depth yet rewarding crafting experience.

Made with balloons, string, and glue, these intricate decorations require a bit of patience but result in stunning autumn and Halloween décor.

Ideal for one-on-one crafting or older kids, the finished product is a testament to creative resilience and autumn spirit.

Fall Homeschool Art Unit - Yarn Pumpkin Crafts
Image Credit: Mom Brite

Interactive Autumn Activities for Kids This Season

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Fall isn’t just for crafts!

Autumn has this uncanny ability to turn our backyards into open-air classrooms, and oh, what fun classrooms they are!

It’s as if every leaf that falls whispers a new tale, every pumpkin has a math puzzle to share, and every gust of wind invites us to a storytelling session.

It’s the perfect time of year to dip your toes into creating a customized homeschool experience or two.

I love to make my favorite pumpkin-spiced latte recipe, and dive into autumn activities for kids that blend fun and learning.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Jot down a list of Autumn’s greatest hits: vibrant leaves, quirky pinecones, shiny acorns, and whatever else catches your fancy.

Hand the kiddos a basket and the list, sparking that explorer spirit!

As they scuttle about collecting treasures, relish in their discoveries.

Once they return, victorious with their haul, chat about each item and its cool role during the season.

Pumpkin Math

Gather pumpkins of all shapes and sizes—it’s a pumpkin party!

Toss out questions that involve some hands-on measuring and playful counting (like “How tall is the cranky pumpkin compared to the joyful pumpkin?”)

Navigate through the world of numbers, using our round orange buddies as guides.

Wrap up by high-fiving each pumpkin (and kiddo) for making math a tad cooler today.

Autumn Storytelling

Toss out a seasonal writing prompt—maybe a lost squirrel or a mischievous wind.

Let your little storytellers weave tales that twirl and dance with autumnal vibes.

Snuggle up and share these stories, maybe under a blanket fort or by the window.

Gush over their creativity and revel in the narratives born from crisp fall air.

And just like that, amidst the rustling leaves and cozy vibes, we sneak in some unforgettable lessons. Here’s to making the most of this gorgeous season, one playful activity at a time! 🍁📚🎃

Additional Fall Homeschool Tips

Hey there!

Take the Artistic Detours

You know, alongside the usual curriculum stuff, consider leaning into a monthly video art lesson subscription.

It’s a relaxed way to sprinkle some creativity into our days.

Think of it as a little artistic pause in the middle of math and history. If art’s your jam (or even if it’s not), it’s fun to explore.

Craft a Day of Autumn Activities for Kids

One thing I’ve learned over the years? Don’t be afraid to piece together your own day.

Maybe get hands-on with crafts in the morning, whip up some pumpkin soup around noon, and huddle around for stories later on.

Flexibility is the name of the game, and sometimes the most random days end up being the most memorable.

Trust Your Instincts

Between us? Homeschooling can sometimes feel like you’re building a plane while flying it.

But even on those whirlwind days, there are these beautiful moments of connection, of discovery.

Trust your instincts, and remember you’re not alone in this. We’ve all been there, and we’re all here cheering each other on. And, if you ever need to chat, vent, or swap ideas? Reach out to the homeschooling world.

You’ll find that most of us are happy and eager to support other homeschooling families.

Hang in there! Every leaf, every pumpkin, every scribble – they’re all pieces of this beautiful homeschooling journey. Here’s to learning and growing together! 📚❤️

Make Your Fall Homeschool Units Shine

Remember, fall is not just for diving into academic adventures but also for jumping into ginormous leaf piles (though, we highly recommend both!).

Armed with these autumn activities for kids, you’re all set to make this season both crafty and memorable. Happy crafting! 🍂✨🖍️

If you’re looking for a fun way to add some art to your fall learning, try out our free online art lessons. Paint our woodland fox for instant fall decor.

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