35 Creative Mermaid Writing Prompts for Kids

Are you using writing picture prompts for kids? If not you might want to consider it.

As a parent of an elementary student, you know that keeping them engaged in writing can be as easy as getting everyone to look at the camera for the family picture.

If you’re snort-laughing at the absurdity of that statement, we’re in the same boat. This is how these mermaid writing prompts came to be.

I mean, honestly. When was the last time everyone held still long enough to notice if they were looking at the camera??!!

But golly, have they got some incredible imaginations!

If only we could get them to capture those thoughts and put them on paper. Not just because we love keepsakes or want cute presents for grandparents.

But also because writing is a real skill, it can take their imagination further as they learn to develop their talents.

For my second grader, using mermaid story prompts has been a bit of a game changer. Not only that, but connecting with other topics, like tying writing in with our art lessons or incorporating a bit of science, is key.

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Mermaid Writing Prompts

Introducing Mermaid Story Prompts

I don’t know about you, but my kiddo is mermaid crazy!!!! Admittedly, she’s also a bit unicorn crazy.

So I crafted these writing prompts for kids pdfs to help unlock her creative thinking and imaginative storytelling.

It helps that we also studied the coral reef at the time and incorporated some super fun mermaid art into earth science.

Elementary Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Are you ready to plunge into the magical realm beneath the waves with Mermaid Writing Prompts for Kids?

This delightful collection of writing prompts is created to inspire and captivate kids as they learn to weave narratives and express themselves through writing.

From whimsical tales to deep-sea adventures and magical moments to curious conundrums—children will dive into various possibilities with these enchanting prompts.

Each prompt in this collection offers something unique for your young author.

Whether your child is spinning an underwater adventure or penning a short story, these thoughtful, fun prompts provide endless inspiration.

Mermaid Writing Prompts for Elementary

Avoid overthinking and launch your elementary writing journey with simple daily writing prompts for kids

Here’s a list of 35 story starters our head of research and development (the 2nd grader) thought would be fun to explore.

Mermaid writing Ideas: Creative Picture Prompts for Kids

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Image of creative writing pages with mermaid-themed prompts for grades 3-5
  1. If I met a mermaid, I would ask…
  2.  If I had a mermaid friend, the first place we would swim is…
  3.  My mermaid friend and I love to…
  4.  When I take my mermaid friend to the coral reef
  5.  When my mermaid friend goes to school with me…
  6.  When we explore shipwrecks, my mermaid friend loves to
  7.  My mermaid’s favorite seafood is…
  8.  One magical thing my mermaid friend does is…
  9.  You should never let a mermaid…
  10.  My mermaid wants to have a ____themed undersea party.
  11.  My mermaid’s favorite sea creature is
  12.  My mermaid’s favorite undersea game is…
  13.  When I’m sad, my mermaid…
  14.  When there’s a storm, my mermaid loves to…
  15.  When my mermaid overeats sea grapes….

Fantasy Mermaid Writing Ideas

  1. If you could design your mermaid, what would it look like?
  2.  What is the most magical thing a mermaid can do?
  3.  Write a story about the friendship between two mermaids who live in the same coral reef.
  4.  Imagine you discovered a secret underwater city of mermaids and write about your day exploring it.
  5.  Create a character who goes on an adventure to save all the mermaids in the world from an evil sea witch.
  6.  If you could make a wish granted by a mermaid, what would it be?
  7.  Write a story about two siblings discovering a secret underwater cave leading them to Mermaidia.
  8.  Create a character who discovers an enchanted shell that grants any wish they make about mermaids.
  9.  Write a story about a mermaid trying to find its way home but encountering fantastical sea creatures on the way.
  10.  Imagine you could have your own pet mermaid and create a story about all the amazing adventures you would embark on together.

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Creative writing prompt pages for early elementary with mermaid and bubble graphics in the background.

More Mermaid Story Ideas

  1. Once upon a time, a graceful mermaid named Pearl lived in a hidden lagoon far from human reach…
  2.  Every day, Finn courageously ventured into the murky depths to catch glimpses of the elusive mermaids twirling in the underwater currents…
  3.  A fearsome storm had scared away all the other mermaids, but one brave little mermaid stayed behind and befriended a young boy named Kai, who was trapped on a sunken ship…
  4.  Suddenly, a grand adventure began when Lila discovered a secret passage to an enchanted kingdom populated by dazzling mermaids!
  5.  When a mysterious clam shell was found in the lagoon, it opened to reveal a radiant pearl that transformed into a young mermaid who yearned for a family…
  6.  On her eleventh birthday, Rosie was astounded to find a shimmering turquoise tail in the sea by her home that she soon realized belonged to a mermaid!
  7.  All the mermaids had inexplicably vanished in the distant kingdom of Atlantia, and it was up to three brave adventurers to find them.
  8.  One night, Sam stumbled upon a glowing mermaid in the bay and, with her guidance, embarked on an epic journey to find his lost happiness.
  9.  When Ivy discovered mermaids living beneath the waves off her family’s beach, she knew she had an incredible adventure ahead!
  10.  After freeing a tiny trapped mermaid from the clutches of a malevolent sea monster, two brave children were invited to journey with her to her palace beneath the waves.

Dive Beneath the Sea With Words and Wonder

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35 Mermaid-Themed Writing Prompts

Transform mundane writing exercises into something magical.

Children will develop essential literary skills as they create vivid underwater realms, craft complex characters, and weave imaginative storylines—all while having heaps of fun.

Give your student the support they need to learn to enjoy writing. You can help them unlock their creativity as they tell a mermaid story.

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