If you’re homeschooling an elementary student, you know that inspiring a love of writing in our kiddos can be challenging.

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35 Fun Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids

But it’s also an essential skill to begin developing early, and it’s definitely something your child can enjoy! With a bit of encouragement.

Kids Writing Prompts - spunk and tenacity

Sometimes, all it takes is finding something they enjoy.

Enter the Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids

We have a series of writing prompts to encourage creative thinking and original stories.

Fun Writing Prompts for Kids

Unleash the creativity of your children with Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids!

These fun writing prompts for kids is designed to inspire and help kids learn how to journal and write.

From funny stories to dramatic tales, from inspiring scenes to witty one-liners—kids will explore various possibilities with these engaging prompts.

Each prompt in this collection offers something truly unique for any aspiring young writer.

Whether your child is crafting an epic adventure story or working on a simple writing page, these fun, thoughtful prompts provide endless inspiration.

35 Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids

Rather than overthink it, get your kiddo started on their writing journey with simple and fun writing prompts.

Here’s a list of 35 unicorn story writing ideas our head of research and development (the 6-year-old) thought it would be fun to discover more about.

Title: "35 Writing Prompts for Creative Story Compositions" with two unicorns.

15 Easy Unicorn Sentence Story Ideas

  1. If I met a unicorn, I would ask…
  2. If I had a unicorn, the first place we would go is…
  3. My unicorn and I love to play…
  4. When I take my unicorn to the park…
  5. When my unicorn goes to school with me…
  6. When we go camping, my unicorn loves to…
  7. My unicorn’s favorite food is…
  8. One hilarious thing my unicorn does is…
  9. You should never let a unicorn…
  10. My unicorn wants to have a ____themed birthday party.
  11. My unicorn’s favorite thing to celebrate is…
  12. My unicorn’s favorite toy is…
  13. When I’m sad, my unicorn…
  14. When it rains, my unicorn loves to…
  15. When my unicorn overeats candy…

10 Magical Unicorn Writing Story Ideas

  1. If you could design your own unicorn, what would it look like?
  2. What is the most magical thing a unicorn can do?
  3. Write a story about the friendship between two unicorns who live in the same forest.
  4. Imagine you stumbled upon a secret garden full of unicorns and write about your day exploring it.
  5. Create a character who goes on an adventure to save all the unicorns in the world from an evil villain.
  6. If you could make a wish granted by a unicorn, what would it be?
  7. Write a story about two siblings discovering a secret path leading them to Unicornia.
  8. Create a character who discovers an enchanted book that grants any wish they make about unicorns.
  9. Write a story about a unicorn trying to find its way home but finding all sorts of magical creatures on the way.
  10. Imagine you could have your own pet unicorn and create a story about all the amazing things you would do together.

10 Unicorn Story Starters for Kids

  1. Once upon a time, there was a magical unicorn named Sparkle who lived in a secret forest far from the human world…
  2. Every day, Alexi bravely ventured into the rainbow meadow to catch glimpses of the elusive unicorns frolicking in the sunlight…
  3. A bad storm had frightened away all the other unicorns, but one brave little foal stayed behind and befriended a young girl named Violet, who was hiding under a tree…
  4. Suddenly, a grand adventure began when Polly discovered a secret door to an enchanted land populated by colorful unicorns!
  5. When a mysterious egg was found in the forest, it hatched into a beautiful unicorn foal who longed for a loving home…
  6. On her eleventh birthday, Lily was surprised to find a magical white horse in her backyard that she soon realized was a unicorn!
  7. In the distant kingdom of Grandia, all the unicorns had suddenly gone missing, and it was up to three brave adventurers to save them.
  8. One night, Jack stumbled upon a glowing unicorn in the woodlands and, with her help, embarked on an epic quest to find true happiness.
  9. When Ruby discovered unicorns living on the other side of her family’s farm, she knew she had to explore!
  10. After rescuing a tiny lost unicorn from the clutches of an evil villain, two brave children were invited to return with it to its home in the clouds.

Magical Unicorn Story Writing Journal

writing prompts for kids- spunk and tenacity

What do you do with those unicorn writing journals? Well, if you have a unicorn-crazy kid as I do, you put them in a separate draw-and-write primary journal like this one.

Or, if you’re kiddo is slightly less unicorn crazed, you can get the free writing prompts pdf and journal papers.

For more unicorn fun, check out our upcoming art lessons where we’re painting fantasy castles and visiting mermaids under the sea.

Help Build Essential Writing Skills

Kids Writing Prompts - spunkandtenacity.com

Transform dull writing exercises into something magical with Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids!

Use them as writing prompts for 7 year old’s through 10 year old’s. They’ll create vivid worlds, craft intricate characters, and weave imaginative storylines—all while having tons of fun.

Give your student that extra little push they need to bring their ideas to life by unlocking the creativity of fun writing prompts for Kids today!

Question: Do you have a reluctant writer? What do you do to encourage creativity in your student?

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Free Unicorn Writing Prompts for Kids

Enjoy the Best Creative Writing Prompts for Homeschool

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