Summer is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school crafts! There are so many fun things you can do to get your home classroom ready for the new school year

I usually start by decluttering my space and getting organized. I don’t know about you, but it always helps me to feel more relaxed and confident when we break open the books.

Some other great ideas include stocking up on school supplies, setting up a study space, and making a list of goals for the new school year. You’ll also benefit from spending some time planning out your daily homeschool schedule.

Grab Your Art Supplies List for the Year

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This is especially true if you’re homeschooling and working full-time. It seems obvious, but I end up needing a reminder every year. The better prepared I am, the smoother it will go!

Getting excited about back to school doesn’t have to be all about shopping and stressed-out preparation. By taking some time to focus on yourself and your surroundings, you can set yourself up for success from the very first day of class

Check out these craft ideas that will help make the transition a little smoother. Whether you’re homeschooling or a public school parent, these crafts are sure to come in handy!


15 Back to School Crafts

When you’re planning your first day back to homeschool, you can set yourself and your students up for success by choosing to ease into the school year. Sure, you could go full tilt on the first day and push through, but why not create fun traditions that include fun crafts that double as keepsakes or useful things?

You can even surprise them with some crafts that you’ve prepared for their first day.

Back to School Crafts

1. Easy Paper Plate School Bus Shapes Craft

Your kids will love this fun transportation craft from Honey and Lime. Even if you homeschool, kids are intrigued by the fun and bright yellow school bus they see driving down the road. These cute school bus crafts are such a fun idea for the back-to-school season! Make this school bus art project with your kids. This easy-peasy craft is an excellent way to include younger siblings.

2. Craft Stick Pencil Bookmarks

Are you short on time and need some easy crafts that bring big charm? Whether you’re a teacher who wants to pass these out to your students or a parent who’s looking to make homework or reading a little more fun, your students will adore these easy-to-make bookmark pencil crafts from Crafts by Amanda. Pair it with a reading log and some reading of a new favorite back-to-school book.

3. Get to Know You Bingo.

Whether your kids are off to a classroom or a co-op, the first week of school is full of new friends to meet and get to know. Help out your kiddos with these free printables from Literacy Learn as they use fun activities to get to know their new friends.

4. DIY Space Craft Pencil Toppers

It’s that time of year. All of the students in elementary school are getting their pencils sharpened and ready for their fun new pencil cases. One of our favorite fun ideas for the start of a new school year is these pencil toppers from The Inspiration Edit that will help your student get excited to use their new supplies and work on their fine motor skills.

5. Back to School Fun Checklist

What a great way to welcome in the new year and ease out of summer vacation mode! These free printables are the perfect way to let your kids drive the fun at a time of the year when they’re losing a bit of control over their day. Download the free printables from Bitz and Giggles. These are great keepsakes too, as you see how their interests and focus change over the years.

6. Homework in Progress Door Hangers

If you have bigger kids or a first-time high school student, they might need some space for the hard work they’re about to be spending on their last 4-years of school. Help them create a visual boundary to signal when they need some space to study with these door hangers from Bitz and Giggles. Sure, they might start using them just to keep younger siblings out, but hopefully, they’ll be doing some homework while they’re in there too.

7. Lunchbox Jokes

This is an easy and fun project from Artsy Fartsy Mama to inject some delight into your little one’s day. Whether they’re heading to a traditional school, or you pack your homeschool lunches ahead of time as we do, these are sure to brighten their days. Lunchbox jokes don’t require any special skill levels, so you could easily use these as a wonderful way to help your kids add humor to each other’s day, or even add them into a parent’s lunch box.

8. First Day of School Crayon Craft

Instead of making an entire school time capsule, consider these simple crayon-themed crafts from Wonder in His World. With a few simple craft supplies, you can create the perfect craft to capture their first day of school excitement. You’ll be ready when they’re graduating to compile all of their “first-of-the-year” pictures.

9. Paper Plate Apple Craft

You’ve picked out the perfect outfit, they have new shoes on their little feet, and now they can have a great project to help them remember the fun of their first day of school. These Apple Crafts from Simple Everyday Mom are also excellent if your first unit of the year is an autumn or fall theme.

10. Upcycled Pencil Case from Duct Tape

School activities are more fun when you have your own pencil case as unique as you are. With so many different patterns of duct tape, you’ll be able to build an upcycled case that matches their personality. These cases from Sustain my Craft Habit are also wonderful ideas for teaching recycling and upcycling.

11. First Day of School Chalkboard

This easy tutorial is a great way to capture the moment for kids of all ages. Whether they’re in first grade, getting on a school bus, or starting a new year of homeschooling, you can create these “first day of school crafts” with a quick visit to the craft store. Grab the tutorial from DIY Danielle. You’ll be able to highlight your focus areas rather than use a generic store-bought one.

12. Easy Peasy Personalized Binder

Sustain my Craft Habit has the best way to help your kids get excited about their new supplies. Use your Cricut to decorate their binders the easy way and they’ll be eager to pull them out each day! Add in their own planner and see your kids light up at getting their own tools.

13. Letter A Busy Bag

If you homeschool, you know the struggle of trying to keep younger siblings busy while you’re working on the curriculum with your older children. For public school kids, the last sibling at home can feel terribly left out. Instead, get started learning with these fun Busy Bags from Little Ladoo.

14. Upcycle a Remote Control Holder

The Boondocks Blog shows you how to create a terrific recycling project to help your student get organized. Style it to match your homeschool room or their school locker.

15. Back to School Bingo

This free printable is a great way to help build your kiddo’s enthusiasm for the new school year. Artsy Fartsy Mama has created a bright and vibrant way to bring your new school year to life.

Creating Back-to-School Fun

Whether you’re homeschooling or going to public school this year, start the year off right with some fun and easy traditions. Spend some time on your planning and before you know it, you’ll be ready to tackle the new year with some eager students.

Don’t forget to save this list of ideas!

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