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You’ve already heard it said over and over. One of the best marketing tools for your blog is a lead magnet.

Which is true! Lead magnets are the most common and least expensive way to grow your email list. In a nutshell, they’re simply something you share for free when someone shares their contact info and joins your audience.

Done correctly, they can be an extremely effective way to increase signups to your newsletter along with traffic and readership on your blog. But it can be hard to come up with quality lead magnet ideas.

So, If you’re struggling to brainstorm some unique lead magnet ideas to grow your homeschool blog, we’ve got you! (Not sure what a lead magnet is? Read this guide from Constant Contact first.)

Homeschool Blog Lead Magnet Ideas Download

40 Lead Magnet Ideas For Your Homeschool Blog

Homeschool Blog Lead Magnet Ideas List
An eBook with tips and tricks on how to homeschool.

Use these ideas to get you started:

Here’s an example of some of the lead magenets we use here on Spunk and Tenacity.

Brightly colored felt pens on top of paper planners
A series of printable worksheets for different age levels in the homeschooling journey.

Everyone has printable worksheets. Find a way to make yours unique.

Image of art supplies under title "Choosing the best homeschool art supplies."
A downloadable step-by-step guide to starting homeschooling in your state.

Be cautious with state laws though. Do your research, and be mindful of changing laws. Include lots of links to resources for personal study and research. Think of this as a jumping-off point for parents to research updated laws.

A webinar or video interview with an experienced homeschool parent.
  • Parents of multiple ages
  • Parents of special needs students
  • Parents who live in an RV
  • Parents who also work a full-time job
  • Parents whose students went on to college
A printable calendar of upcoming holidays and special events in the homeschooling community.
  • Massive calendar of seasonal unit study ideas
  • Holidays around the world
  • Unique “Official Day Of” calendars for study ideas (Friendship day, chocolate day, croissant day…)
A checklist to choosing the best curriculum for your family’s needs.

Everyone has a “best curriculum” post. Make it unique by helping homeschool moms with a checklist to analyze their available time, teaching style, learning environment, state laws, and student makeup.

An exclusive Facebook group for connecting with other homeschoolers.
An exclusive homeschool podcast series featuring knowledgeable guests.
  • Parents, advocates, teachers, curriculum writers
  • YouTubers/Vloggers
  • Publishers and authors of homeschool resources
  • Homeschooling experts worldwide
  • State and local education boards
  • Political activists who support homeschool rights.
A monthly newsletter with inspiring stories and homeschooling advice.
A printable list of resources to support homeschool parents ( websites, blogs, books, articles).
An online course that teaches how to start and maintain a successful homeschool blog.
  • Build an engaging website
  • Write content effectively
  • Grow your email list with lead magnets – Hint—there’s a list attached to this post.
  • Drive traffic with social media
  • Monetize your blog.
A printable homeschool planner with daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

Consider how you’ll make it unique:

  • Balancing work and homeschooling
  • Blending several curriculums for various ages
  • Managing home and extracurricular.
  • Checklists for kiddos
Access to a library of fun worksheets for your homeschoolers.
Long I and Long O Spelling Worksheets
Monthly lists with tips and resources on science experiments or art projects.

Most homeschool parents want to include science and homeschool, but many are intimidated by the mess or the concept that they’re not qualified to teach those subjects. Simplify and make them easily approachable.

An exclusive video series of homeschooling experts discussing common challenges and successes.
A series of printable flashcards with facts related to your blog topics.

Grow a Thriving Homeschool Blog

These lead magnet ideas are just the start of what you can do to create an engaged and thriving homeschool blog that offers real value to its readers.

With the right lead magnet, you can quickly build an engaged email list that will love learning from your content.

And when it comes to growing a successful homeschool blog and making money as a homeschool mom, there is no better way to do so than by providing your readers with content that simplifies their lives.

What has been your experience with lead magnets? Share in the comments below.

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