Spanish Weather Worksheets Flashcards for K-2nd

Looking for a way to help your K-2nd grade students learn about Spanish weather? We’ve got you covered!

What’s Included in the Bundle?

These weather worksheets should be used as a center to supplement your regular curriculum. We used Calico Spanish in our home for 1st grade Spanish and we loved it! It is fairly repetitive so we are skipping lessons here and there rather than following them meticulously.

Even though there are some downloadable worksheets available within the Calico resources section, I did want her to have some engaging centers to practice her learning offline. We borrow Spanish books from the library and watch some favorite YouTube Spanish lesson channels.

But, I felt a little all over the place, so I began to create Spanish vocabulary centers that coincided with our unit studies. Which is what led to these Spanish Weather Worksheets. We actually used them in conjunction with the weather activities in our unit from Generation Genius, our new science curriculum. (Which is a fantastic science curriculum!)

What Will You Find in These Spanish Weather Worksheets?

You’ll find all the basic weather conditions along with adjectives to describe them. There’s a daily lesson plan, vocabulary words, key phrases, and a review page to check for understanding. The Spanish weather vocabulary list is a great resource for you to print out and keep close by for daily practice.

And, you can add these to geography lessons! Teach kids the basics of what the weather is like in Spanish-speaking countries.

Incorporate Dramatic Play for Increased Retention

They’ll learn about the sun, the rain, the wind, and more! With these worksheets, they’ll get plenty of practice reading and writing in Spanish. Consider having them create a Spanish weather forecast to reinforce the learning. You can differentiate the learning by simplifying with more images and less text for younger learners.

Use a cardboard box to create a TV set where they can pretend to be a meteorologist forecasting the weather for the day. Perhaps it can be a boat that they are riding in when the rain kicks up, or students at a desk hoping to go outside on a sunny day.

Print Out the Flashcards to Incorporate Daily Practice

Immersion is considered one of the best ways to ensure language retention. So what do you do when you aren’t fluent in the language? You learn alongside them. Print out the Spanish Flashcards and place them in high-traffic areas relevant to the subject. You can tape some in the hall closet next to rain gear. Ask whether it’s raining and have them respond in Spanish.

Spanish Weather Worksheets for Pre-K

Focusing on one subject at a time with repeated immersion will help ensure that they are truly comprehending the meaning of the words rather than simply memorizing. Consider how you taught your children the English language. Most likely, you repeated a word every time they came in context with it multiple times. Consider learning colors for example. How many times did you say red and point to a color?

Learning Spanish can be approached with the same simplicity. Focusing on a set of words, used repeatedly in context, will help ensure that they are retaining the information. Have them discuss their favorite weather in Spanish. Or, consider keeping a record of how the weather changed or stayed the same across different days of the week

Spanish Weather Words

Throughout the bundle, your students will be immersed in weather vocabulary along with the English translations. Each practice sheet is full of Spanish weather expressions and weather conditions. They’ll learn the Spanish equivalent of common weather phrases.

Include it in Unit Studies

It’s easy to add weather into your Earth studies as well. If you’re doing a Nature-Themed study you can include a weather scavenger hunt over the course of the week. For Season Units add in comparison charts to consider how the weather changes during each season. For older students, begin to discuss how the weather is affected by geography and compare the current weather in your location to one in the opposite hemisphere.

If you are in a co-op take a survey of your elementary students to find out what their favorite season is in Spanish. They can use their graphing skills to discover what is the most popular season in the class. You’ll be supporting their Spanish language development in a lot of fun ways that might not even seem like learning.

As you can see, there are multiple ways that you can use these Spanish Weather Worksheets to boost your student’s learning and tie them in with your current unit study or theme.

The Spanish Worksheet Bundle

With these worksheets, your students will learn words like “el sol” (sun), “la lluvia” (rain), “el viento” (wind), and so much more. Plus, they’ll get to practice their writing skills as they fill in the blanks. There are also coloring pages included for a little extra fun. They’re simply a great way to get kids excited about learning a new language while taking some of the pressure off of you to find or create usable resources that tie in with your target learning objective!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our worksheets now and start teaching Spanish weather today! Whether you’re a teacher or a homeschool parent, these weather worksheets are sure to be a hit with your little learners.

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