Are you looking for the best read aloud storytime YouTube channels? It’s a fantastic option if your curriculum calls for a book that your local library doesn’t have.

Even if you do have the book in front of you, different readers bring character to books in different ways. Here’s a list of our favorite channels.

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These links were accurate as of the time of this post. Please verify the links prior to sharing them with your children.

Brightly Storytime

Why we love it: A wonderful read aloud channel with a variety of books, the host is incredibly engaging, and she frequently has the authors host the read-alouds of their own books.

Story Time From Space

Why we love it: While there’s not a ton of content on this channel, your little learners will find it remarkable to watch the astronauts float around as they read their stories.

KidTime StoryTime

Why we love it: Looking for stories with a lot of energy and some puppets thrown in? This is the channel for you!

Storyline Online

Why we love it: Pull up a rug and listen to your favorite picture books read by professional actors. Who better to bring children’s literature to life?

StoryTime at Awnie’s House

Why we love it: We actually discovered this channel when my 1st-grader saw me flip past the clip of “A Bad Case of The Stripes.” Which is one of her favorite books. Lovely and engaging, the videos are very well done.

Another favorite of ours is the Brad Meltzer channel where he reads aloud his I Am books which are some of our favorite biography spines for our 1st-grade unit studies. However – and this is a big however-his channel is not a dedicated read-aloud channel, so you’ll want to ensure that you choose individual videos for your kiddo rather than the channel.

Our 5 Favorite Read-Aloud Channels

There you have it, our 5 (plus a bonus) channels that we snuggle in and watch read-alouds on. Beyond using them for books we can’t find at the library, we also use online read-aloud channels to enrich a theme and add extra depth to our language arts units.

Hopefully, you find a new favorite or two in the bunch.

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5 Read Aloud Channels on YouTube
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