Homeschool Enrichment

  • Chemistry Adventure Awaits! 10 Science Picture Books for Kids

    Are you seeking ways to make your elementary chemistry studies more engaging and fun? Maybe you’re designing a personalized homeschool curriculum. If so, then you’ll love these ten science picture books! Each of them does an excellent job of bringing chemistry to life, making it a topic kids will enjoy learning about. *Please note I […]


  • Sweet Easter Bunny Drawing for Kids

    Easter Bunny Drawing

    Have you discovered Emma Randall yet? She is one of our favorite children’s illustrators. For our Spring Bundle, we wanted a sweet Easter Bunny drawing. So, like most of our homeschooling life, when we need inspiration, we look in a book. (Super Why anyone?) Finding Easter Bunny Drawing Illustrations Randall captures the essence of spring […]


  • We Are Water Protectors Art Project

    When it comes to environmental protection and conservation, children play an essential role in our future. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read We Are Water Protectors with your kids, I highly recommend you take the time. It’s a gorgeously illustrated book offering an engaging introduction to environmental concepts. We Are the Water Protectors […]


  • Rediscover Wonder: A K-3rd Grade Alaska Unit Study

    Rediscover Wonder: A K-3rd Grade Alaska Unit Study

    Are you a homeschool mom seeking an exciting and engaging Alaska unit study for your K-3rd graders? Look no further! With this unique and interactive Alaska Unit Study, your kids will explore the wonders of our most northern state. Through living literature, art projects, curated YouTube videos, and more, they can better understand Alaskan wildlife, […]


  • How to Teach Elementary Color Theory Lessons

    Teach Color-Theory with "Nature is an Artist"

    Looking for a fun and creative way to teach color theory lessons? Be like Super Why! When you have a problem, look in a book! Color Theory Lesson: Beyond the Color Wheel You’ve probably seen gobs of color theory lessons that revolve around teaching the color wheel. While this is an incredibly essential aspect of […]


  • How to Create Adjectives Activities for 2nd Grade Homeschool

    Child working on worksheet with colored pencils

    One of the great things about homeschooling is that you can tailor the curriculum to your child’s interests and needs. If your child loves language and enjoys playing with words, there are lots of fun adjectives activities you can incorporate into your 2nd-grade homeschool language arts curriculum. Fun Adjectives Activities Using Chrysanthemum in 2nd Grade […]