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Just one simple lesson and you can spark their creativity! Color theory doesn’t have to be complicated. You can create easy color theory lessons with some paint and paper. Focus on one aspect rather than trying to teach it all in one sitting.

For some reason, art can be intimidating to us as parents. I hear parents say that they’re not qualified to teach art to their students. For advanced drawing techniques, I would say that’s true.

However, I believe, that our job during the early years is simply to spark a love of learning and exploring. One of the best ways to do that is to learn alongside them.

Have you ever read a historical fact and thought “Hey, I didn’t know that!” – art can be the same revelation and exploration.

Instead of looking for an entire art curriculum that complicates the entire process, find one simple project from an art resource that you love!

Like painting for example. When is the last time you simply painted with your child? Grab some simple acrylics and create a sheet of warm colors and cool colors.

Warm Colors

Think summer and fall. The colors are red, yellow, and orange.

Cool Colors

Think winter and frozen colors. The colors are blue and green.

Keep it Simple

It truly does not need to be any more complicated than that.


Fold the paper in half, then in half again. For younger children, you may decide to start with 4 or 6 sections. We chose to work with paper folded into 8 sections.

Easy Color Theory Lessons - Folding paper into sections on blue background

Use 2 paper plates per child with one full of warm colors and one full of cool colors. Add white and black to each to create different tints and shades.

Allow your child to fill each section of one paper with warm colors and the other with cool colors.

When you finish let them dry and save them for a color theory exercise for their art journal.

Art Journal Contents Page

If you’re creating an actual journal or working with your children to create theirs, this is a colorful way to create a background for their about me or index page.

What Art Supplies do You Need for Your Homeschool?

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