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Do you love springtime? The cold days of winter start to warm up. Sunny picnics with a chill in the air and rainy afternoons meant for splashing in puddles.

Or, perhaps you’re smack dab in the middle of planning a seasons unit? Need a quick literature-based draw-and-paint art project to round out your spring topics? I’ve got you covered!

Embrace spring and paint a lovely meandering river with a mama duck and her babies—easily adjusted for your preschoolers and older kids.

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Save This Duck Painting Project for Later

Children's painting with yellow duck family on blue creek with oil pastel flowers. "Draw and Paint Springtime Ducks. Literature-based Art Project

Creating Easy Springtime Art

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Differentiating Your Draw and Paint Activities for Age and Interest

For kindergarten learners or those who simply don’t enjoy art as much, guide them to create a simple stream and meadow without additional details.

Download the duck stencils to cut out and glue. A great activity to practice scissors skills. You can take that further and create an easy paper craft project for younger kids.

Use a paper plate craft that includes the templates and paint a pond or let them do some fun handprint art. What cute little ducks they’ll make!

You can also create a process art station for your toddler to decorate. Some ideas of fun things to include:

  • colorful feathers

  • craft foam ducks

  • paper plate duck mask projects

  • yellow cupcake liners

  • rubber ducks

  • paper plates

  • an egg carton

  • colored paper

  • googly eyes are always a favorite

  • paper bag

  • pre cut pond animal figures

  • popsicle sticks to extend the craft

Easy Peasy!

For those kids who enjoy a bit more creativity, trace the printable template out of cardstock or painted paper and add additional detail throughout.

Let’s Create Some Art

This literature-inspired lesson is from the gorgeous book, Our Easter Adventure, written and illustrated by the fabulous Emma Randall. We love her beautiful art full of whimsy and wonderful patterns.

Spend some time ogling her joyful meadow.

Then you can ease into a fun crafty morning. Even better if it’s a rainy day outside. This is the perfect activity for every age group, from preschoolers up to your 3rd graders.

1. Create Your Spring Meadow Background

Starting with your blue oil pastels draw 2 curvy lines to create the river. Then use long strokes to paint the river and the meadow.

2. Outline and Cut Out Your Spring Ducks

While the paint is drying, it’s time to make your duck family. You can paint them on yellow construction paper or create a stencil for younger students to trace around on yellow card stock.

Before cutting them out, color your black oil pastel in 2 pupils and then use the yellow and orange oil pastels to add details.

3. Add the Duck Family to the Meadow

Once you’ve added the details, cut the ducks out and glue them onto the river.

4. Use Your Oil Pastels to Add Details

Use oil pastels to add flowers and greenery. You can also add some rocks and rushes to the pond or river.

Literature-Based Art Projects for Deeper Retention

Have fun painting your springtime ducks, and then move on to our Precocious Easter Bunny, our floral literature-based art project, and the rest of the Spring Bundle. When you’re done with the duck crafts, pause and enjoy some read-aloud time with this gorgeous book, “Our Easter Adventure.”

For a younger child, don’t forget the classic five little ducks and a good old-fashioned handprint duck craft to supplement your older kids’ art lessons.

And you can create an interactive play aspect by setting out their rain boots and raincoat. Pretend it’s a rainy day and ask kids to stomp around in the rainy pond.

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