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Let’s make learning how to draw a seahorse easy, peasy with a sweet and simple watercolor project.

Seahorses are pretty fascinating, right? A horse that swims underwater. Well actually, you probably know that they’re not a horse at all.

Instead, they’re a fish that swims upright. And swim is a generous word, since they’re actually quite poor swimmers. In fact, the dwarf seahorse gets the privilege of being known as the slowest swimming fish in the world.

Despite that, I think they’re beautiful. They have lot’s of interesting colors and unique characteristics.

Materials Needed to Draw a Seahorse

Before we begin, make sure you have the following materials ready:

  • Watercolor paper or other thick paper
  • Oil pastels or crayons to outline with
  • Watercolor paint
  • Round paintbrush
  • A glass of water
  • Paint marker (optional, for details)

Step-by-Step Guide to Draw a Seahorse

Drawing a seahorse may seem intricate, but if you take it step by step, you’ll find it’s quite easy.

Step 1: Draw a Seahorse Outline

Before you start to draw a seahorse or two, it’s good to decide how big you want it to be.

Begin about two fingers down from the top of the paper. Make a tiny dot about three fingers up from the bottom so you can picture how large your seahorse should be, with a rectangle that serves as the seahorse’s nose.

From there, create an arching line for the top of the head, a deeper arch for the bottom jaw, and a curvy line to draw a seahorse belly.

How to Draw a Seahorse Step 1

Extend the belly downwards in a curvy line until it curls around to make the tail.

Heading back up to the back of the head, add a bumpy line that curves slightly to mimic the spine leaving room to draw a seahorse fin.

For the bottom of the seahorse, follow the line of the tail back around until you’re even with the bottom of the seahorses belly. Here’s where you add the fin if you haven’t already.

Draw another seahorse next to the first, so they each have a friend. I bet it’s super cute!

Step 2: Paint the Seahorse

Now we’re going to use watercolor paint to fill in the seahorse. You can mix paint on the paper itself by layering colors while they’re still wet for a blended effect.


Step 3: Splatter and Texture Your Seahorse Drawing

To add an interesting texture, take a loaded paintbrush and gently tap it against your finger to splatter droplets of paint across the paper. This creates the illusion of movement in the water and adds a whimsical touch to your seahorses’ world.

Step 4: Put the Finishing Touches on Your Seahorse Drawing

Once the painting is dry, use a paint marker to add eyes and intricate designs if desired. These embellishments, inspired by folk art, can include swirling vines and flowers that complement the natural flow of the seahorse’s form. If you don’t have a paint marker, you can use a thin brush with acrylic paint.

Tips for Young Artists

Art is a wonderful adventure where everyone can express themselves. Here are some tips to help conquer art anxieties:

  • Stay Patient: It takes time for kids to learn how to control their brush and arm. Tell them their art is looking fantastic along the way.
  • Draw Big: When starting out, it’s helpful to draw bigger than they think they should. This makes it easier to see details and paint.
  • Experiment with Colors: Mix and match different hues. You might be amazed at how magical kids find paint mixing.

Seahorse Resources

If  your kids are curious about seahorses, use these resources to wander down that rabbit trail.

You might also love our Under the Sea Unit Study to dive deeper and explore under the ocean. Or craft a 3-D Under the Sea Art Project with oven-baked clay jellyfish.

Next: Learn How to Draw Seahorse Friends

Now that your kids are seahorse experts, don’t just put those skills in a box. Let them practice drawing a seahorse in other under the water art adventures.

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