Creativity with Watercolor: Painting Reindeer Parts

As the holiday season twinkles around us, it’s the perfect time to add some artistic cheer to our homeschooling routine.

Today, we’re diving into a fun and educational activity that’s perfect for this festive season: our Watercolor Reindeer Parts lesson!


Parts of a Reindeer Painting Project

Grab your watercolors and let’s get started. 

Step 1

Draw a slightly curved line for the back and stomach.


Step 2

Add the hindlegs and tail


Step 3

Continue to add the forelegs and the neck


Step 4

Paint the head, antlers, and neck.


Step 5

Add details such as inner ear, facial definition and begin to paint in sections that will be darker.


Step 6

Use your main color to paint in the rest of the body, leaving the eye area light.


Step 7

Using a Sharpie or black paint, add eyes, nostrils, hooves, and outline areas you want to have more definition.


Step 8

Label the parts of a reindeer. Use these suggestions or add your own.


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