Paint Cookieaurus Rex Inspired Art - Children's watercolor dinosaur art

Are you looking for a fun and educational art project that will bring a burst of creativity to your homeschool curriculum?

Look no further! We’re cooking up some dino-mite fun with a Cookiesaurus Rex inspired art project!

Inspired by the lovable children’s character, this watercolor art project is perfect for your youngest homeschool students.

Grab your apronsβ€”the King of Cookies is coming to your kitchen table!

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About the Cookiesaurus Rex Book

If you haven’t read this fun book yet, grab a copy from your local library or watch a read aloud from the author here.

If Cookiesaurus Rex earns a repeat spot in your home library, consider purchasing from an independent bookstore. Grab Cookiesaurus Christmas while you’re at it.

Materials Needed

The list of materials is short and sweet, as we want to keep this project as accessible and enjoyable as possible for all homeschool households.

Here’s what you need:

  • Oil Pastels
  • Watercolor set
  • Medium Round Paintbrush
  • Cup of Water
  • Watercolor Paper or Thick Paper
  • Optional: Googly Eyes for that extra touch of whimsy

Drawing Cookiesaurus Rex

Before you break out the watercolors, it’s time to bring Cookiesaurus Rex to life on your page. We’re using oil pastels or waxy crayons to help create a wax resist barrier for the watercolor paint.

If you’re an art club member you’ll find the template and full guided drawing lesson inside the dinosaurs unit.

Cookiesaurus Rex is fairly easy to draw even without the template. He’s pretty round in all of the yummiest places, making him an easy drawing project.

Step 1: Draw Cookiesaurus Rex’s Head and Body

  • Using your oil pastel, draw an arch for Cookiesaurus’s head. The arch should be about 2 or 3 fingers wide.
  • Add a few circles so you know where his eyes go.
  • Draw a long sideways arch for his nose.
  • Next draw his tummy, adding an arm that ends with a round hand along the way.

Step 2: Draw Cookiesaurus Rex’s Limbs and Tail

  • Continue down and around his body adding in legs. Remember that he’s a cookie-dough dinosaur, so he doesn’t need to be perfectly correct.
  • Extend a long, curving line from his body for the tail, making sure it loops back around.
  • Add a curved line back up to meet the back of his head.

Step 3: Give Cookiesaurus Rex Details

Now, give Cookiesaurus Rex some character.

  • Draw in his mouth as a flat line.
  • 2 dots for his nose.
  • Add some wavy lines inside his body with one or two oil pastel colors. Then do the same for the background.

Painting Cookiesaurus Rex

With your Cookiesaurus prepped and ready, it’s time to explore color. You’ll be using watercolors to create a juicy palette that will bring our dinosaur friend to life.

Step 1: Give Cookiesaurus Rex a Base Wash

  • Start with the body and choose a color that speaks to youβ€”I chose a mellow green.
  • Apply the color to the body with broad strokes. This is called a ‘wash’ in the art world.

Don’t stress about staying inside the lines too much. Quite honestly, the fun of watercolor is watching it blend together a bitβ€”it’ll give Cookiesaurus Rex a vivid and wild cookie appearance!

The watercolors won’t stick to the waxy oil pastel. Let your student’s know this is called a wax resist.

Step 2: Blending

  • While the first wash is still wet, pick another color from the palette that is near the first one on the color wheel.

For the youngest kid’s, I call those neighboring or friendly colors to help them understand what goes together at first.

  • Apply little drops of this color to the wet wash of the body. Watch as they beautifully blend together, creating a soft burst of another color.

Step 3: Paint Cookiesaurus Rex a Background

Don’t forget the background!

  • With your brush, paint the world that Cookiesaurus Rex inhabits.

For the youngest students this is likely one color. As the students get a little older you might ask them to create a cookie sheet or baking supplies.

The background should contrast with the color of your dinosaur so that he really pops off the page.

Step 4: Googly Eyes (If Using)

The paint should dry fairly quickly, so let’s give Cookiesaurus Rex some googly eyes. They add a whimsical touch that brings out the character of Cookiesaurus Rex, making him ready for his close-up.

If you don’t have googly eyes use a small piece of white paper with a black pupil or some acrylic paint after the watercolor paint has dried.

And we’re done!

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