Long I and Long O spelling game free download

I’m so excited to share our newest addition to the printable family โ€“ a delightful and captivating Arctic Animals Spelling Game that will have your homeschoolers eager for more, designed especially for 2nd graders!

If you’re a homeschooling mom on the lookout for a creative and interactive way to help your kids boost their spelling skills, look no further.

And guess what? You can download it right now, at absolutely no cost!

Roll, Spell, and Color: A Homeschool Spelling Game

We used this in 2nd grade. Our main spelling program is All About Spelling. And we LOVE it!

However, my 2nd grader definitely craves more games and fun hands-on activities, so I’ve created some supplements to complement the curriculum.

Spelling is the subject that she struggles with the most, so I tend to spend extra time making it fit her learning style.

We’ve used versions of this spelling game since pre-k. And it never gets old.

Have you ever tried something similar with your kids? What other creative ways have you found to make spelling practice more enjoyable in your homeschooling journey?

Discover Long I and Long O Fun While Boosting Spelling Skills!

Here’s a quick rundown of how the game works:

First, you’ll need a die (we borrow from Yahtzee) and a couple of colored pencils.

The printable consists of 6 columns, each topped by a delightful arctic animal, and features single-syllable long I and long O words, such as “most,” “find,” “wild,” and many more.

To play the game, simply roll the dice, match the number rolled with the corresponding column, spell the next word in that column out loud, and then color the word in.

Keep going until you reach the top and declare a winner!

My 2nd grader became fascinated with the Arctic when we were creating our Alaska Unit Study, and hasn’t lost her love of them since then!

Chill Out with a Cool Arctic Animals Spelling Challenge!

Long I and Long O Spelling Worksheets

The game is designed to be versatile โ€“ kids can play solo, work together, or even print out multiple copies and race each other to the top. It’s a fantastic way to add some friendly competition to learning!

Not only does this Arctic Animals Spelling Game make practicing spelling a blast, but it also introduces your 2nd grader to some fascinating creatures that call the icy tundra home.

Who knew learning could be so cool? (Pun totally intended!)

So, what are you waiting for? Download the free game printable and get ready to embark on a frosty spelling adventure with your little ones.

It’s time to roll the dice, master those long I and long O vowel words, and color your way to the top!

I’d love to hear how your homeschoolers enjoyed the game, and if you have any suggestions for other fun spelling activities to share with our homeschooling community.

Let’s learn from each other!

In the meantime, snag the spelling game for your homeschool for free.

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