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Are you seeking ways to make your elementary chemistry studies more engaging and fun? Maybe you’re designing a personalized homeschool curriculum.

If so, then you’ll love these ten science picture books!

Each of them does an excellent job of bringing chemistry to life, making it a topic kids will enjoy learning about.

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10 Science Picture Books for Kids -spunkandtenacity.com

Our 2nd-Grade Homeschool Chemistry Curriculum

Elementary science can be a little dry for some kids, but it doesn’t have to be. Have you discovered Generation Genius yet?

It’s an incredibly engaging science support site with rich videos and DIY studies.

While not focused on providing a full curriculum, we have quickly turned it into one with some support from living books and easily supplemented worksheets.

Experiments are highlighted throughout the videos, and the DIY activities to conduct at home using easily found ingredients.

When we compared our top science curriculum picks this year, my 2nd-grader chose Generation Genius without hesitation.

What Order Should You Do the Generation Genius Lessons?

There are currently 33 K-2nd grade lessons, and no specific order is listed to complete them. We chose to launch our year with an overview of the science and then a focus on chemical reactions vs. physical reactions.

My 2nd grader is fascinated by biographies and the I am Books by Brad Meltzer specifically, so we have created entire unit studies around famous scientists.

Marie Curie has appeared in our home every year, and this is no exception.

In fact, we’ve created several language arts units for the year based around the I am Books.

Science Picture Books to Enrich K-2nd Grade

Our only complaint is that the chemistry section is a bit narrow because it follows the school standards, and chemistry isn’t explored in depth until later grades.

So I had to add more depth to our chemistry studies because my little chemist passionately loves bubbling potions.

What kid doesn’t, right?

Maybe I’ve watched Super Why too many times, but honestly, whenever I’m looking for a solution, I “Look in a Book.”

Supplementing our Generation Genius studies as I was planning for our homeschool this year was no different. To enrich an incredibly engaging curriculum, I rounded up the following biographies, experiments, and non-fiction books.

Supplemental Chemistry Experiments Books for K-2nd Grade

Chemistry Science Picture Books for Kids

So the great thing about Amazon is that many of these are free with Kindle, which keeps your costs down.

I did purchase or borrow all of these from the library after checking them out on kindle, as I like to be able to put actual books in her hands.

But Kindle is a great option to help meet financial and space budget constraints.

However, when we’re ready to purchase physical books, we always look at bookshop.org first.

It’s a great way to support independent bookstores while having the convenience of shopping from home.

Hands down, our favorite of all of our science picture books is the REAL Chemistry Experiments. It’s full of bright pictures and easy experiments that you can do with common household materials.

Our Favorite Chemistry Activity Books

Biographies to Supplement Chemistry for K-2nd Grade

Chemistry Science Picture Books for Kids

The study of chemistry can often feel like a dry, theoretical endeavor.

However, the history of chemistry is full of fascinating stories and colorful characters.

By reading biographies of famous scientists, students can get a sense of the excitement and challenge of working in this field.

For example, the biography of Marie Curie recounted her pioneering work in radioactivity and her struggle to be recognized for her accomplishments.

Likewise, the story of Linus Pauling chronicles his groundbreaking discoveries in molecular structure and his political activism.

By reading about the lives of these remarkable scientists, students can gain a deeper understanding of chemistry and history. So, consider adding some of the following biographies to your plans.

Our Favorite Chemistry Biographies

Science Picture Books for Your Homeschool Chemistry Studies

Chemistry Science Picture Books for Kids

Picture books are an excellent way to add joy to your studies! Use the following to add a little joy to your work.

Our Favorite Chemistry Picture Books

Worth mentioning all on its own is the Max Atom line of science graphic novels. My 2nd grader LOVES graphic novels! (One of the reasons she’s thriving in Beast Academy Math.)

She loves the science superhero Max Atom and his graphic comic books!

Creating Your Ideal Curriculum

There you have it, a few of our favorite science picture books. Hopefully, you will find some new family favorites.

Looking for some additional homeschool support? You might love the following!

10 Science Picture Books for Kids -spunkandtenacity.com
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