104 Resources for Your Alaska Unit Study

Are you looking for a way to bring your Alaska studies to life? Are you eager to explore the state’s history, wildlife, culture, and more with your homeschoolers?

Then you have come to the right place—we have compiled a fantastic list of 104 Alaska Unit Study resources to bring your 50 States Studies to life!

Take a virtual tour together and discover what makes this beautiful region uniquely special.

Along your way, we will find fun activities, educational materials, helpful websites and engaging videos; all providing tremendous insight into Alaska’s magnificent landscape.

So prepare for a learning adventure full of discovery—explore these Alaska Unit Study resources in style!

104 Alaska Unit Study Resources

Alaska Unit Studies Resources

20 Virtual Alaska Unit Study Resources

Virtual Resources for Your Alaska Unit Study

Bring Alaska into your home with these virtual experiences. For a manageable list, we’ve curated a YouTube list for reference.

21 Picture Books to Engage Younger Learners

Picture Books for Your Alaska Unit Study Resources

Although we are avid library fans, we do succumb to the lure of new to us books routinely.

Order through bookshop.org to support independent bookstores. We chose to feature Old Harbor Books in Sitka, Alaska for our Alaska Unit Study whenever titles were available.

11 Alaska Chapter Books for Grades 3 and Up

Chapter Books for Your Alaska Unit Study Resources

This is a curated list, but we have not read all these books. Please ensure they align with your child’s reading and content level.

25 Art and Crafts Alaska Unit Study Resources

Arts and Crafts for Your Alaska Unit Study Resources
Arts and Crafts for Your Alaska Unit Study Resources
Arts and Crafts for Your Alaska Unit Study Resources
  • Popsicle Stick Snowflakes: Looking for something a bit more long-term you can hang on the wall? Try these popsicle stick snowflakes with older kiddos, or use a different glue.
  • Wooden Peg Arctic Animals: If you lean toward Nordic or Montessori learning styles, you’ll love these easy wooden peg animals.
  • Snowstorm in a Jar: Add a touch of science to your unit as you create a mini weather system.
  • Arctic Sensory Tub: Don’t count sensory tubs out too early. You might be surprised how much older kids love them too!
  • Paper Bag Bear Den: Make this sweet paper bag den to explore bears’ hibernation-denning habits. Or even their lack of hibernation.
  • Winter Steam Challenge: Bring hands-on learning and engineering to life with this STEAM challenge.
  • Polar Bear Hand Craft: Appropriate for several ages, this fun art is an easy way to include the little siblings.
Arts and Crafts for Your Alaska Unit Study Resources

20 Rabbit Trail Alaska Study Resources

Alaska is a BIG subject. Let your kids take the lead when choosing supplementary topics. Follow interests with the following rabbit trail ideas to branch off of your Alaska Unit Study.

Use this Alaska Unit Study-themed Pinterest board for inspiration.

  • Alaska Transportation (Ferrries, Planes, Trains, Dog Sleds)
  • Amazing Alaska Wildlife
  • Arctic Animals
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Compare Boreal Forests to Temperate Rainforests
  • Compare and Contrast Native Cultures
  • Domestic Reindeer
  • Glaciers
  • Gold Rush
  • Homesteading
  • Icebergs
  • Iditarod
  • Inuit Study
  • Marine Sea Life
  • National Parks of Alaska
  • Polar Bears vs. Kodiak Bears
  • Russian History in Alaska
  • Sled Dog Studies
  • Togo & Balto’s Life Saving Serum Run of 1925
  • Unique Daylight/Night-Time Patterns

18 Educational Websites to Deepen Your Alaska Unit Study

  • 50 States/ Mr. Donn: Massive resource for online social study resources.
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game: Find a wealth of educational resources for your Alaska Unit Study and conservation/science in general.
  • Alaska Kids: Official kids corner of the Alaska State Website.
  • Alaska Marine Highway: The ferry is a major mode of transportation for coastal Alaska. Have older kids map out a trip and calculate the cost and length of trip.
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: Hear members of native tribes share a word of the week along with the translation.
  • Alaska Railroad History: Learn the history of one of the best ways to explore our most northern state.
  • Alaskan Coastal Resources: Honestly, more for you than the kids, but full of educational curriculum ideas and resources.
  • Alaskan Raptor Center: If you have kids eager to learn more about the big birds that call Alaska home, this is the place to go.
  • Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center: Access free Wood Bison and Grizzly Bear STEAM lesson plans and activities.
  • AlaskaKids: University of Alaska Anchorage fun facts and links to studies and crafts.
  • America’s Library: From the Library of Congress
  • Awesome America: Full of resources for learning about every state.
  • Eight Stars of Gold: Download Worksheets and learn more about the 14-year old Benny Benson who made history with his winning flag design.
  • Iditarod.com: A website devoted to everything Iditarod. Find video clips along with lesson ideas.
  • Inupiat National Heritage Center: Learn more about the most northern indigenous culture and get your JR ranger badge.
  • Katami National Park: Visit for Fat Bear Week and stay for the jr ranger program.
  • Roadside America: Curious about fun and unique roadside attractions you might find on an Alaskan road trip?
  • SE Alaska Heritage: The website is abundant with lesson plans and resources for teaching various ages about the native cultures of SE Alaska.
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The Ultimate List of 104 Resources for Your Alaska Unit Study

There are 104 ways to bring your Alaska unit study to life. Hopefully, you’ve discovered some excellent educational resources to deepen your learning.

If you’re looking for more Alaska resources, make sure you check out our other resources:

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