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Rather than a long, overwhelming list of self-care tips for homeschool moms—admittedly all things that seem fantastic but quickly get overwhelming—I’m here with a short list of actionable tips for the homeschool mom who is feeling worn thin.

Because let’s be real! We’re all busy—which is why this is a quick dose of tips.

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How to Practice Self-Care as a Homeschool Mom

Have you ever heard the term “consolidate your steps?” This is drilled into new servers to help them minimize their trips and be as efficient as possible.

Sometimes as a homeschool mom that’s also working full-time, I feel like the entire motto for my life is consolidating my steps.

Let’s see, I can get laundry started before I start dinner. When I put the spaghetti on to simmer, I’ll have about 25 minutes to clean the toilets and the vanity before I need to move the laundry and start the noodles. If I can get my daughter to sit in the bathroom with me while I’m cleaning, that counts as one-on-one time, right?

Seriously…there’s so much we have going on every day. It’s easier than ever to let our own care slip away. But it’s essential you fill your bucket too, or eventually, you won’t have anything left to give everyone else.

And as the teacher, mom, financial planner, cook, driver, meal planner, finder of lost things, and kisser of boo-boos, they need your bucket to get replenished.

Homeschool Mom Self-Care Tip #1: Schedule Time to Schedule

This was the biggest game changer in how our week and my anxiety levels rolled.

I stopped feeling guilty about needing to take time for myself each week to plan out the following week.

Before, I was struggling to fit in meal planning during reading time and would occasionally (ok, frequently) find myself trying to print a worksheet or activity sheet while I was teaching the lesson. Then the printer driver would have somehow uninstalled itself and now I’m 20 minutes into our 30-minute time slot and we haven’t started yet.

Sound familiar? Huge amounts of frustration and guilt would follow.

For some reason as moms, it always seems like it’s a struggle to say “Hey, I need some space to get this done.” We’re always juggling our planning around pulling out coloring books and refereeing a scuffle.

Now all of the planning gets done in one chunk. Often while my family watches a movie or I skip out on one evening of couch time with my husband.

But, more often than not, it’s in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday before anyone else is awake. I treat myself to a cup of coffee while it’s still hot, and a well-organized week.

Calm the chaos by scheduling yourself an hour or two every week to quietly plan out the following week. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes if you start your days with a clear plan, and everything is printed, craft supplies are gathered, etc.

And don’t forget, as you’re planning out your week to block out your scheduling session for the following week.

Sample Weekly Schedule With Hourly Breakdown

Self-Care Tip for Homeschool Moms #2: Occasionally Use a Meal Service

It might not be in the budget every night to have a meal service, such as Hello Fresh, delivered. But try and fit it in occasionally.

If that’s not an option, use a frozen meal once in a while, or freeze one ahead of time.

Whatever takes cooking off your plate once in a while. But here’s the caveat. Don’t do it just because it’s dance or soccer night, but simply because you could use some downtime when you’re not doing anything else.

Use that recovered time to sit quietly on the patio with a glass of wine or reconnect with your kids around something fun and silly unrelated to school. Whatever it is your soul needs a bit more of.

Homeschool Mom Self-Care Tip #3: Unapologetically Embrace a Hobby

You need a hobby. And exploring a new curriculum doesn’t count. (Talk about a rabbit hole!)

When is the last time you took the time to do something you loved? Sure, you enjoy a clean house and spending time with your kids, making nutritious meals, etc. But what about something that allows you to tap into your creativity?

If you don’t have one, it’s a great time to learn. And, you don’t have to invest a ton of money either. Many local libraries have kits you can check out to explore different crafts.

You could also explore a digital hobby, such as learning to design SVGs for your Cricut or Silhouette machines. You might love to design pretty printables on Canva. There’s a very low entry cost. Before you know it, you might be able to earn some money by starting an Etsy store.

Whatever you’re passionate about creating, find a way to include it in your weekly schedule.

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Simple Ways to Include Self-Care as a Homeschool Mom

Everyone deserves some downtime. Ensure you’re setting an example for your children and practicing self-care. It’s ok to put your feet up occasionally and take the time you need to ensure you can keep your bucket full instead of getting rundown.

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