Children's Colorful Camping Artwork with text overaly Happy Campers Art Workshops

Are you ready for an adventure that sparks creativity, inspires learning, and promises loads of fun?

Pack your virtual tent and sleeping bag because we’re headed on a unique journey that combines the joy of camping with the thrill of creating art!

We’re excited to announce our upcoming ‘Happy Campers’ Art Workshops! Live in our kids online art lessons membership this October.

A multi-session art experience where your young artists will explore a variety of art techniques, materials, and subjects, all building upon each other to craft a memorable artistic journey.

Printed Fabric Journal Children's Art Lesson

Immerse in Artistic Adventures: What to Expect in ‘Happy Campers’

Vintage Camper Children's Painting Lesson

The ‘Happy Campers’ Art Workshop will transport your child to the magical world of the woods and camping.

They’ll engage in creating a 3D diorama filled with tents, fires, and camping gear, painting a vintage camper on a vibrant canvas, printing their own fabric to make a cover for their nature journal, and drawing and painting adorable woodland animals.

Every session is designed to boost artistic confidence and create an unforgettable experience.

Beyond Art: Comprehensive Enrichment with Every Workshop

Children's Woodland Creatures Art Lesson

Along with the supplies checklist, we’ll also provide links to engaging picture books and STEM lessons to extend enrichment and make learning a comprehensive and thrilling journey.

Our ‘Happy Campers’ Art Workshop isn’t just about creating art; it’s about fostering a love for creativity, encouraging exploration, and developing skills that go beyond the canvas.

Join the Art Journey: Register for the ‘Happy Campers’ Art Workshop

Camping Diorama Children's Art Lesson

Registration is open, but you can always try out a free lesson to see if it’s the art membership you’ve been looking for!

More Art Resources:

Looking for simple art tutorials while you’re waiting for registration to open? Try These!

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