Long I and Long O Spelling Worksheets

Hey there, homeschooling mama friends!

I’ve just created a brand-new printable pack of 2nd-grade spelling worksheets pdf that I think you and your kiddos are going to absolutely love!

And the best part? It’s available for FREE download!

Long I and Long O Spelling Worksheets

Long I and Long O Spelling Worksheets

This free spelling worksheet is perfect for those who want to give their learners a little more help with their single-syllable long I and long O words like “most,” “find,” “wild,” and many more.

Note: We use All About Spelling, and absolutely LOVE it! It’s brought my reluctant speller from a grade behind to being at level within a year.

However, my daughter enjoys hands-on activities and worksheets, so I supplement the lessons to keep her engaged.

I’ve put together 10 pages, one for each word, with plenty of space for your child to explore and practice these essential skills with some fun spelling worksheets.

Each page is packed with engaging activities that’ll make learning fun and interactive. Here’s what you can expect:

What’s Included in the Spelling Worksheets?

  • Syllable Detection: Your child will learn to identify and understand syllables within words.
  • Tracing: A fantastic way for little hands to practice fine motor skills while learning the correct letter formation.
  • Writing: Your kiddo will gain confidence in writing these words independently.
  • Coloring: Who doesn’t love a little coloring time? This will keep them entertained while reinforcing the words they’re learning.
  • Finding Activities: Find the target words.

I designed this printable with homeschool moms like us in mind, ensuring that it’s both fun and educational for our 2nd graders.

I know how busy our days can be, so I wanted to create a resource that can be easily integrated into your daily routine, making learning an enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

Simplify Spelling With Free Worksheets

To grab your free copy, simply click the download link below. You might also love our Write, Read, and Spell Free Spelling Game for the same unit.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Let me know what other resources you use to help your reluctant spellers.

Happy homeschooling!

Long I and Long O Spelling Worksheets

Download the Spelling Worksheets Below

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