Foster Creative Expression

Online Art Lessons For Busy Families

Fun art lessons ignite creativity and a growth mindset

Proudly making fun and messy art that doesn’t always look like a masterpiece.

Don’t let fancy lessons and unrealistic expectations ruin joyful art experiences.

Instead, get inspired by gorgeous picture-boooks. 

Monthly Themes

Supply lists, book lists, and extension activities provided

Weekly Art Boost 

New lessons added each week

Quick & Captivating

15-45 minute lessons

More Than Crafts

The elements of art and functional STEAM-focused crafting

On Your Schedule

Access the art lessons on your schedule

Themed Art Lessons? Yes Please!

You'll Love Cohesive Themes

You feel like art and creativity are essential for development, but scrolling through Pinterest and YouTube trying to find the next lesson is overwhleming. 

You’d love to have your kids take in-person classes, but you’re (busy with multiple kids, live rurally, can’t afford ALL the things…etc.) 

Here’s the perfect blend of in-person instruction without having to fit in a drive, and you don’t have to plan it all out yourself.

In fact, one of the best ways to approach art lessons is to create along with your kiddo. Membership covers one family, so you and all the siblings can join in too.

"The lessons are so engaging and perfect for young artists. I love Kim's pacing, it's the perfect speed for young artist's to stay engaged, but keep up!"
Susan Corona
Previous Public-School Elementary Teacher

Hello, I'm Kim

I teach and host on-demand art lessons for K-5th grade students.

Gorgeous Picture Books for Your Art Units

Inside our private members-only Facebook group, your kid’s can share their work for feedback and praise from me and the other students.

Multiple Ages in Your Home? No Worries!

Lessons are marked by age-level.

Options for multiple ages, interests, or abilities.

Examples for easy modifications for your younger or older students.

Many units also contain a collaborative art project perfect for siblings to work together.


Access to the entire library of art lessons. New lessons released every Monday.

The lessons can often be combined to create a multi-stage or collaborative art project.

Due to the digital nature of the lessons we don’t offer refunds. However, you are welcome to cancel at any time. Your membership will cancel immediately and you won’t be charged for future renewals. 

I believe that art is a process that can be rich with exploration.

However, I also believe that, like most new tools, there is value in offering tips and examples for use to boost exploration.

It’s my truest wish that your children find ways to make a project their own. Whether that’s color, subject, details, or medium.

Yes! As long as your membership is valid you have access to all of the current lessons, along with our continuously expanding library of video lessons. 

*Note: We reserve the right to update/replace lessons in the future. You’ll have access to any new lessons that are being offered in place of original content.

These lessons are licensed for private use in your home with your children.

Lessons are intended to be used as a direct method of teaching children and you’re invited to paint and draw along. 

Lessons are not intended to be used by a teacher to teach in a group or online setting.

It’s a violation of our usage terms to use these in a co-op, studio, or classroom setting.

In an effort to make art accessible to everyone, the main lessons utilize an easy supply list that includes:

  • Crayons
  • Oil pastels
  • Markers
  • Watercolors
  • Acrylic/Tempera paints
  • Clay

Multi-stage art projects provide an opportunity to dive into varied supplies and techniques. You can decide which steps and supplies meet your families budgets and interests.

Each month can be utilized as a thematic unit for deeper exploration. 

Consider adding more books, science projects, writing, and field trips.

Wander down rabbit trails and immerse yourself in the wonder of interest-led learning. 

Cancel at any time.

When you cancel your membership you will lose access to all lessons and material. 

Membership Options


$ 12
00 Per Month
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Use for one family
  • Most Flexible


$ 30
00 for 3 months
  • $10 Per Month
  • Themed learning


$ 108
00 Per Year
  • 3 Months Free
  • Exclusive Projects

Art for Art's Sake!

These are not your Aunt’s Boring Art Lessons. But they’re more than arts and crafts too. It’s the perfect balance of books, fun, themes, and art technique. Your kid’s are going to LOVE it…and so are you!

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